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Wireless communications and mobile computing Online 16 Computers in biology and medicine 52 Adaptive frequency control of packet processing engines in telecommunication networks. IEEE communications letters Print 18 Advanced time series synthesizer for simulation of joint rain attenuation conditions. Analysis of axisymmetric waveguide components by a multi-domain spectral method.

Analysis of new collaborative writing within Web 2. Analysis of subtle auditory dysfunctions in young normal-hearing subjects affected by Williams syndrome.

International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology Print 78 Giuseppe Virone, Andrea M. Peverini, Giuseppe Addamo, Riccardo Tascone. IEEE antennas and wireless propagation letters 13 Application of an advanced bioreactor system for cartilage regeneration on polyvinyl alcohol porous hydrogel scaffolds. IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement 63 Automatic compensation of pressure effects on smart flow sensors in the analog and digital domain.

IEEE transactions on wireless communications 13 IEEE transactions on communications Print 62 IEEE transactions on information theory 60 Computational modeling of transcranial direct current stimulation tDCS in the child brain: Content download in vehicular networks in presence of noisy mobility prediction. IEEE transactions on mobile computing 13 Controllo di Accesso in Sistemi Industriali Distribuiti.

Countable Partially Exchangeable Mixtures. Distribution of the largest eigenvalue for real Wishart and Gaussian random matrices and a simple approximation for the Tracy-Widom distribution. Journal of Multivariate Analysis Print DNS tunneling detection through statistical fingerprints of protocol messages and machine learning.

International journal of communication systems Print Liorni I, Parazzini M. Dosimetric study of fetal exposure to uniform magnetic fields at 50 Hz. Effectiveness of multisite diversity schemes to support optical systems in scientific missions.

Effects of pioglitazone on insulin sensitivity and serum lipids in obese cats. BioMed Research International Online Enhanced cell culturing on titanate-coated biodegradable scaffolds.

Extraction of cochlear non-linearities with the bispectral analysis-An application to TEOAEs in styrene-exposed workers. IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques 62 Generation and analysis of a large-scale urban vehicular mobility dataset. Special issue on relaxation methods in identification and estimation problems. IEEE transactions on automatic control Print 59 Guidelines for managing data and processes in bone and cartilage tissue engineering.

High-performance solution of the transport problem in a graphene armchair structure with a generic potential. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics Print 89 Improved cell activity on biodegradable photopolymer scaffolds using titanate nanotube coatings. C, Biomimetic materials, sensors and systems Print 44 Measurement-based modeling of inter-arrivals for the simulation of highway vehicular networks. In vitro mineralization and in vivo bone formation.

International Journal of Future Computer and Communication 3 Modeling glucose and free fatty acid kinetics during insulin-modified intravenous glucose tolerance test in healthy humans: Role of counterregulatory response.

American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology Modelling the electric field and the current density generated by cerebellar transcranial DC stimulation in humans.

Nested backward compensation of unmatched perturbations via HOSM observation. Journal of the Franklin Institute Oriented collagen nanocoatings for tissue engineering. B, Biointerfaces Print Performance and stability analysis of echo cancellers based on training sequences.

Potential health impacts of residential exposures to extremely low frequency magnetic fields in Europe. Risk of leukaemia and residential exposure to air pollution in an industrial area in Northern Italy: International journal of environmental health research Online Risk of neuroblastoma, maternal characteristics and perinatal exposures: Robust control of uncertain systems: Classical results and recent developments.

Skew incidence plane-wave scattering from 2-D dielectric periodic structures: Analysis by the mortar-element method. A new proposal on Hearing Screening for Adults. International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology Impr. IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering Print 61 The concept of distance in global optimization applied to non-linear inverse problems. A Systems and Control Viewpoint. The Red-Blue transportation problem. European journal of operational research The role of both location and radiometer accuracy on the SSI performance in discriminating the atmospheric conditions.

Theoretical and numerical design of a wireless power transmission link with GaN-based transmitter and adaptive receiver. Journal of physiology Camb. Use of Attribute Driven Incremental Discretization and Logic Learning Machine to build a prognostic classifier for neuroblastoma patients. Wireless Cloud Networks for the Factory of Things: Connectivity Modeling and Layout Design.

Wireless Home Automation Networks for indoor surveillance: Semiconductor science and technology Online 28 A Consensus panel review of central nervous system effects of the exposure to low-intensity extremely low-frequency magnetic fields.

A new paradigm for parameter estimation in system modeling. International journal of adaptive control and signal processing Print 27 A regional blood flow model for glucose and insulin kinetics during hemodialysis.

IEEE transactions on automatic control Print 58 IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing 51 Adaptation of sliding modes. IMA journal of mathematical control and information Online 30 American journal of audiology Online 22 An active bias network for the characterization of low-frequency dispersion in high-power microwave electron devices.

IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement 62 Mathematical finance Print 23 Bayesian denoising in digital radiography: A comparison in the dental field. Computerized medical imaging and graphics 37 Normative Data in Young Adults. Bispectral approach to analyze nonlinear cochlear active mechanisms in transient evoked otoacoustic emissions. IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems 7 Bounded satisfiability checking of metric temporal logic specifications.

ACM transactions on software engineering and methodology 22 Breaking and fixing the Android Launching Flow. Cats differ from other species in their cytokine and antioxidant enzyme response when developing obesity. IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques 61 Methods in molecular biology Clifton N. Hearing, Balance and Communication 11 Diagnostic value of mesothelin in pleural fluids: IEEE journal on selected areas in communications Print 31 Editorial of the Open Journal on Modelling and Simulation.

IEEE transactions on wireless communications 12 Electroimpedance spectroscopy for the measurement of the dielectric properties of sodium chloride solutions at different glucose concentrations. Evaluation of the current density in the brainstem during transcranial direct current stimulation with extra-cephalic reference electrode.

IEEE transactions on industrial informatics 9 Improving calibration accuracy of structured light systems using plane-based residual error compensation. The Significance of Timeliness in Communication Systems. IEEE industrial electronics magazine Online 7 La Cybersecurity delle Reti Industriali. Lead-chalcogenide mid-infrared vertical external cavity surface emitting lasers with improved threshold: Logic Learning Machine creates explicit and stable rules stratifying neuroblastoma patients.

Methods for traceability in food production processes involving bulk products. International journal of advanced robotic systems Print 10 Modulating human procedural learning by cerebellar transcranial direct current stimulation. Nonlinear heart rate variability measures under electromagnetic fields produced by GSM cellular phones.

Electromagnetic biology and medicine Online 32 Numerical estimation of the current density in the heart during transcranial direct current stimulation. IEEE transactions on communications Print 61 Optimal Content Downloading in Vehicular Networks. IEEE transactions on mobile computing 12 Partner selection in indoor-to-outdoor cooperative networks: Piezoelectric transducers for real-time evaluation of fruit firmness.

Theory and development of acoustic techniques. Statistical and sorting analysis. Presentation of the analysis tool for design of onboard reconfigurable antenna for broadband SatCom and broadcast services. Rain field generators implemented in a european broadcasting satellite system using an on-board reconfigurable antenna. Reduced liquid water content for cloud attenuation prediction: The impact of temperature. IEEE transactions on vehicular technology 62 Review of Security Issues in Industrial Networks.

Seasonal variations of date of diagnosis and birth for neuroblastoma patients in Italy. Seebeck coefficient of nanowires interconnected into large area networks. Smart Navigation in Intelligent Transportation Systems: Service Performance and Impact on Wireless Networks.

Spatially resolved Stokes parameters of small-area vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers: Strict local testability with consensus equals regularity, and other properties. International journal of foundations of computer science 24 The challenge of using the W band in satellite communication. International journal of satellite communications and networking Online American journal of audiology Print 22 Validation of a new multiple osteochondromas classification through Switching Neural Networks.

American journal of medical genetics. Part A A Wireless sensor network modeling and deployment challenges in oil and gas refinery plants. Wireless virtual multiple antenna networks for critical process control: Protocol design and experiments. IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques 60 A compact instrumentation amplifier for MEMS thermal sensor interfacing. Analog integrated circuits and signal processing 72 IEEE transactions on automatic control Print 57 An automatic procedure for the synthesis and optimization of very low-frequency Gm-C integrators.

Arbitrage-free multifactor term structure models: Collagen-Hydroxyapatite tubular scaffold with micro-patterned porosity for ostechondral defect replacement. Content Replication in Mobile Networks. IEEE journal on selected areas in communications Print 30 Cooperative Download in Vehicular Environments.

Dall'aggiornamento della direttiva a quello della normativa: Design and characterization of a tissue-engineered bilayer-scaffold for osteochondral tissue repair. Developing a health risk assessment training scheme in Europe: Electric field and current density distribution in an anatomical head model during transcranial direct current stimulation for tinnitus treatment.

IEEE transactions on industrial informatics 8 Evaluation of long-term glucose homeostasis in lean and obese cats by use of continuous glucose monitoring.

Extracting knowledge from biomedical data through Logic Learning Machines and Rulex. Hardware oriented, quasi-optimal detectors for iterative and non-iterative MIMO receivers. Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine Dordr. Materials in medicine 23 Wireless Communications Letters 1 International journal of microwave and wireless technologies Online 4 Non-linear coding decoding strategies exploiting spatial correlation in wireless sensor networks. On the accuracy of physical layer modelling within wireless network simulators.

IEEE transactions on communications Print 60 On the redundant null-pairs of functions connected by a general Linear Fractional Transformation. Mathematics of control, signals and systems 24 Performance assessment and analysis of DNS tunneling tools. Performance of Industrial Communication Systems: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of protamine zinc recombinant human insulin in healthy dogs. Journal of veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics Print 35 Prestazioni di reti ibride per applicazioni industriali.

Il lato oscuro dei componenti. Real-time optical SLAM-based mosaicking for unmanned underwater vehicles. IEEE transactions on vehicular technology 61 Regulation of hSos1 activity is a system-level property generated by its multi-domain structure. Restricted ROC curves are useful tools to evaluate the performance of tumour markers. Simple protocol enhancements of Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol over ring topologies. Sliding mode output-feedback stabilization of uncertain nonlinear nonaffine systems.

Smart flow sensor with on-chip CMOS interface performing offset and pressure effect compensation. A comparative performance evaluation of DNS tunneling tools. Lecture notes in computer science LNCS A feasibility study of a SiC sandwich neutron spectrometer. IEEE transactions on automatic control Print 56 A mathematical model for the validation of gene selection methods.

IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques 59 A two-stage information criterion for stochastic systems revisited. A unifying approach to picture grammars. Information and computation Print Audiology research Testo stamp. International journal of audiology Online 50 An offset compensation method with low residual drift for integrated thermal flow sensors.

IEEE transactions on signal processing 59 Atomistic investigation of low-field mobility in graphene nanoribbons. IEEE transactions on vehicular technology 60 Cochlear active mechanisms in young normal hearing subjects affected by Willams syndrome: Time-frequency analysis of otoacoustic emissions.

Computational exposure assessment of electromagnetic fields generated by an RFID system for mother-newborn identity reconfirmation. IEEE transactions on knowledge and data engineering Print 23 Development of passive microwave antenna-feed systems for wide-band dual-polarisation receivers. Differences on chemical composition and internal structure influence systemic host response to implants of biomaterials.

IEEE communications letters Print 1 Fabrication and characterization of a directional anemometer based on a single chip MEMS flow sensor. Performance evaluation and optimization. Computers and electronics in agriculture 75 IEEE transactions on industrial informatics 7 Influence of tinnitus sound therapy signals on the intelligibility of speech.

Journal of laryngology and otology IEEE transactions on information theory 57 Interventions following hearing screening in adults - A systematic descriptive review. Investigation of silicon nanowire breakdown properties for the realization of one-time programmable memories. Localization, tracking, and imaging of targets in wireless sensor networks: Mesenchymal stem cell culture in convection-enhanced hollow fibre membrane bioreactors for bone tissue engineering.

On the Generation of Random Stable Polynomials. Open ear hearing aids in tinnitus therapy: Pilot initiatives of adult hearing screening in Italia. Quality of Service on Grid: Quantitative analysis of cochlear active mechanisms in tinnitus subjects with normal hearing sensitivity: Time-frequency analysis of transient evoked otoacoustic emissions and contralateral suppression.

Real-time Ethernet networks for motion control. Regulatory influence of scaffolds on cell behavior: Research on probabilistic methods for control system design. RFID system for newborn identity reconfirmation in hospital: Exposure assessment of a realistic newborn model and effects of the change of the dielectric properties with age. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology Ethics Applied to Robotics.

Simple method for characterizing linear multi-port microstrip structures. Simplex sliding mode control of multi-input systems with chattering reduction and mono-directional actuators. International journal of approximate reasoning 52 Strategies to scan pictures with automata based on Wang tiles.

Surface micromachined tunable 1. The physical basis of atmospheric depolarization in slant paths in the v band: Theory, Italsat experiment and models. IEEE transactions on antennas and propagation Print 59 Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering Print 58 IEEE transactions on wireless communications 10 Vehicular mobility in large-scale urban environments.

Mobile computing and communications review 15 A highly flexible, parallel virtual machine: A mathematical analogy and a unified asymptotic formulation for singular elastic and electromagnetic fields at multimaterial wedges. Journal of elasticity Dordr. A system-level analysis of regulation of hSos1, the major activator of the Ras oncoprotein.

Assessing repeatability and reproducibility using hierarchical modeling: Assessment of the exposure to WLAN frequencies of a head model with a cochlear implant. Asymptotic analysis of multidimensional jittered sampling. IEEE transactions on signal processing 58 IEEE transactions on information theory 56 Characterization of the in vitro propagation of epileptiform electrophysiological activity in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures coupled to 3D-microelectrode arrays.

Deformazioni meccaniche dei componenti Area Array. Deformazioni meccaniche dei componenti Area Array? Detection of anomalies inside hollow metal cylindrical structures. Deterministic recognizability of picture languages with Wang automata.

Dissociated effects of glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide vs glucagon-like peptide-1 on beta-cell secretion and insulin clearance in mice. Metabolism, clinical and experimental Online 59 IEEE transactions on automatic control Print 55 Efficient global maximum likelihood estimation through kernel methods. Enhancement of neural stochastic firing in cochlear implant stimulation by the addition of noise: Computers in biology and medicine 40 IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques 58 Functional optimization through semilocal approximate minimization.

Special Section on Industrial Communication Systems. IEEE transactions on industrial informatics 6 Influence of compact disk recording protocols on reliability and comparability of speech audiometry outcomes: Quantum electronics Woodbury N. Job-resource matchmaking on grid through two-level benchmarking.

Future generation computer systems 26 Matching jobs with resources: Modeling and characterization of piezoelectric transducers by means of scattering parameters. Application on colloidal suspension monitoring. Robots as learning tools in a vocational school. ACM transactions on sensor networks 6 Transverse-mode-selectable microlens verticalcavity surface-emitting laser. IEEE antennas and wireless propagation letters 8 A multivariate algorithm for gene selection based on the nearest neighbor probability.

Lecture notes in computer science A new prediction model of rain attenuation that separately accounts for stratiform and convective rain. IEEE transactions on antennas and propagation Print A single chip, double channel thermal flow meter. A stochastic geometry approach to coexistence in heterogeneous wireless networks. IEEE journal on selected areas in communications Print 27 A voltage controlled CMOS current divider with linear characteristic.

Analog integrated circuits and signal processing 58 Piovano 2 , G. Pettiti 1 , N. Balossino 2 , M. Lucenteforte 2 , M. Acyclic belief propagation for stereo matching. Pattern recognition and image analysis 19 IEEE transactions on communications Print 57 IEEE transactions on industrial informatics 5 Automazione, Ambiente e Salute.

Annals of biomedical engineering 37 Coexistence between UWB and narrowband wireless communication systems. Detecting Chains of Vulnerabilities in Industrial Networks. Evaluating switching neural networks through artificial and real gene expression data. Artificial intelligence in medicine Print 45 Extraction and characterization of essential discharge patterns from multisite recordings of spiking ongoing activity.

IEEE journal of quantum electronics 45 I test dei giunti di saldatura - prima parte. I test dei giunti di saldatura - seconda parte. Screening Uditivi e Diagnosi Precoce 13 IEEE transactions on vehicular technology 58 IEEE transactions on information theory 55 International journal of robust and nonlinear control Print 19 On Positivity of Polynomials: The Dilation Integral Method. IEEE transactions on automatic control Print 54 Optimized Simple Bounds for Diversity Systems.

Piece-wise affine identification in dialysis. Postprocessing, readout and packaging methods for integrated gas flow sensors. Prediction of drop size distribution parameters for optical wireless communications through moderate continental fog. International journal of satellite communications and networking Print 27 Probabilistic Sorting and Stabilization of Switched Systems.

Radar simulation and physical modeling of time diversity satellite systems. Rate-variable, multi-binary Turbo Codes, with controlled error-floor. IEEE transactions on communications Print 5 Signal Reconstruction Errors in Jittered Sampling.

IEEE transactions on signal processing 57 Statistical anomaly detection on real e-mail traffic. Come guarire imponendo le mani nel primo completo manuale del guaritore con biografia del sensitivo Luciano Muti Zanatta Arnaldo Musumeci Diventare genitori Centro studi Prenatal Diversamente fertili. Un approccio clinico e psicosessuologico all'infertilità di coppia Longhi Elena Sentrix Divina Commedia.

Artisti europei autodidatti del colore Evans Christopher Electa Docenti oggi. Come convivere con il diabete. Andare o no dai guaritori? Una risposta chiara e precisa da parte della scienza, del buon senso, della medicina Iannuzzo Giovanni red! Domani andrà meglio Disch T. I poteri carismatici del santo dei giovani Straniero Michele L. Dramma buffo in 3 atti. Dal futurismo al cyberpunk. Saggi e interviste Coetzee J. Mondadori Dormire low cost. Qual è la nostra vera patria? Cavani, Moscati Marsilio Dove sono i miei vestiti?

I librocchi Attanasio, Zonni Gribaudo Dove termina l'orizzonte? Grandi Clorindo Ponte nuovo Dovevo morire da vedova nera. Quando gli alunni con disabilità provengono da contesti migratori Martinazzoli Caterina Franco Angeli Due. Guida definitiva alle migliori bierfest. Ovvero come galleggiare su fiumi di birra Birramaniaci Fuorionda E' ancora con te! Prevenire le situazioni a rischio.

Il test dell'amore Fornari Pietro Riza Eames: Cinque itinerari nel tempo e nello spazio Provincia di Pistoia Economia e diritto per il biennio della scuola secondaria superiore Romeo A. Riflessioni sulla relazione tra unità cristiana e regno di Dio Santa Ana Julio de Cittadella Edamus, bibamus, gaudeamus.

Criteri guida per una contraccezione a misura di donna Schonauer Sergio Editeam Educare ai valori. Il cinema, le arti, il montaggio Somaini Antonio Einaudi El asesino. Marin Rafael Meridiano Zero Elementi di algebra 2 ad uso degli istituti tecnici per geometri e agrari.

Con oltre esercizi e problemi Santoboni Luigi Petrini Elementi di anatomia e fisiologia Istituto Cortivo Elementi di computisteria Gianfelici Cristina Franco Angeli Elementi di fisica per gli istituti magistrali vol. Il mistero della bidella scomparsa Vesnaver Elena Edicolors Eliminare e prevenire problemi e difetti nei prodotti.

Manifesto dell'autopubblicazione Sandrini Mauro Homeless Elogio del benessere Il segreto dell'orso Freri Adriano Giunti Elogio del riposo. Corbaccio Emissario di luce Twyman James F. Attualità Enciclopedia della storia del mondo. Le piante medicinali più comuni e la loro azione Sincovich V. Biologia e clinica Mercuriali, Inghilleri adis Ernani.

Dramma lirico in 4 atti di francesco maria piave. La vita, gli amori e la rivoluzione quantistica Gribbin John Dedalo Esame di idoneità all'esercizio del commercio. Teramo Esperienze sonore 1 Castello Rosanna P.

Minerva italica Esperimenti pop-up in cucina. Libro pop-up Spallacci, Traini Scienza Esplorando il corpo umano. Segui il tuo cuore, donna! Le beatitudini Autori Vari Paoline Essere se stessi. Quello che non si dice sull'immigrazione. Libro quaderno per le vacanze Lepora Mario Petrini Eureka. Lo spettro del fallimento e l' inganno della finanza globale Amoroso Bruno Castelvecchi Eurocidio. Il genocidio dei popoli europei attraverso la moneta unica? Galloni, Passali Copernico Europa in moto.

Atlante stradale e turistico 1: Tabella delle distanze chilometriche. Informazioni per viaggiare e grandi itinerari Touring Europa sud. Informazioni per viaggiare e grandi itinerari Touring Europa.

Le vendicatrici Carlotto, Videtta Einaudi Evangelizzazione e sacramenti della penitenza e dell'unzione negli infermi Episcopato italiano Paoline Evangelizzazione e sacramento del matrimonio Episcopato italiano Paoline Everest. Scopri la vera origine dei tuoi sintomi e le soluzioni naturali su misura per te Coccolo Maria Fiorella Riza Fai la nanna, bastardo!

Autori, testi, laboratorio Abbagnano, Fornero Paravia Fare filosofia. Autori, testi, laboratorio Abbagnano, Fornero Paravia Fare i conti con la vita. Dalle regole del management alla scoperta dei veri valori dell'esistenza Christensen, Allworth, Dillon Mondadori Fare matematica in moduli F calcolo dei radicali e disequazioni.

Equazioni e disequazioni di secondo grado Progetto Matematica Archimede Fare memoria. Business, follie e morti in nome della medicina e della scienza. Dramma lirico in 5 atti di giulio barbier e michele carrè Spartito pag. Safran Foer Jonathan l'Olivier Favola d'amore. Saggio di applicazione pratica della dottrina cristiana alla politica Allard Antoine Garzanti Feste e musiche secondo tradizione.

Arrow Figli di un dio minore. Testi di ascetica e mistica della Chiesa orientale vol. Gli autori, le correnti, le idee. E l'ultima uccide Mondadori Hurt Freda I capolavori della musica pop-rock internazionale. Nuova edizione aggiornata Atlante Alaux Janine consigli per rimanere in forma Mondadori Paramhansa Yogananda Swami palpiti d'amore. Menarini Murakami Haruki 1Q84 Libro 1 e 2. Opera completa per canto e pianoforte pag. Opera completa per pianoforte pag.

Stabilimento Tito Ricordi Westlake, Garfield Preghiere vecchie e nuove per ogni giorno Elledici Franconeri Silvana ricette per tutti i giorni. Con i menu per ogni occasione Giunti Demetra Pacifico Massimiliano Breve trattato di spiritualità quotidiana Queriniana Grun Anselm 50 angeli per l'anima Queriniana Redfern Martin 50 grandi idee.

Tante golose ricette per sedurre Gribaudo Martigli Carlo A. A caccia di taglie Mondadori Grandi, Tettamanti A capotavola. A dance with dragons Harper Martin George R. A dance with dragons. A darkness at Sethanon. Rifwar saga 4 Bantam Bassetto, Savini A degna sede per l'educazione dei fanciulli.

Insegnamento, politica e partecipazione nei primi cent'anni della scuola elementare di Bazzano Comune di Bazzano Maggiore Renzo A Dio il mio sguardo. Pensieri poetici sulla via spirituale Segno Bin Roberto A discrezione del giudice. Fra terre, suoni e vignaioli. Letture per la quinta classe De Agostini A tutto frottage. Un movimentato album da colorare. Con gadget Scienza Brosio Paolo A un passo dal baratro.

Quando come e dove. La legge 22 maggio , n. Lasciare il lavoro e cambiare vita. Workbook and progress diary 2 A communicative and interdisciplinary course for the italian scuola media Oxford Whitney, Dandini Adventures in english. Workbook and progress diary 3 A communicative and interdisciplinary course for the italian scuola media Oxford Rome Sydne Aerobica. Il ritmo della vita. Opera in 4 atti di antonio ghislanzoni Spartito pag. La vita e il mondo del re dei gangster Mondadori Haining Peter Al cinema con il mostro vol.

Alberi Mondadori Proust Marcel Albertine scomparsa. Alchimie mortali Mondadori Mancini Sergio Alcolismo. Minuto per minuto Ultra Girometti, Mori Alfabeti. Pensieri e preghiere per realizzare la Via del Cuore Leggere per cambiare Dado Alice guarda i gatti e i gatti guardano le alici Kowalski Ministero della Sanità Alimentazione e salute 1 Guida all'alimentazione equilibrata dalla nascita alla terza età Oggi Ministero della Sanità Alimentazione e salute 1 Guida all'alimentazione equilibrata dalla nascita alla terza età Oggi Ministero della Sanità Alimentazione e salute 2 Guida alla prevenzione di particolari malattie attraverso l'alimentazione Oggi Visconti de Lucia Maria Luisa Alimenti surgelati, affascinante realtà.

Opere complete Newton Regan, Jerome All access. Alla luce del sole Mondadori Dobrilla Giorgio Alla mia pancia ci penso io! Alternativa per la Cina. Testo a fronte Fabbri Shakespeare William Amleto. Testo a fronte Mondadori Sordi Alberto Ammazza che fusto! Cento e una poesia e frasi celebri. Storie di processi e condanne contro gli animali dal Medioevo all'Ottocento Res gestae Flegg, Hosking Animali cacciatori. I segreti degli animali Edison Horacek Petr Animali contrari.

Nonna civetta racconta storie. Antica saggezza dei gatti. Antichi imperi del sole Mondadori Forza Massimiliano Antifurti psicologici. Storie di ordinaria perfidia e di sottili violenze Piemme Manciocchi Marina Antigone e le trame della psiche.

Mitologia e creatività in psicoterapia Magi Manciocchi Marina Antigone e le trame della psiche. Scelta dei capitoli, commento critico e materiali didattici Palumbo Manzoni, Mineo, Peligra Antologia de I promessi sposi. Storia, etnografia, critica Einaudi Lawrence D. Apocalisse Newton Joseph Lawrence E. Arco di trionfo Bompiani Blade Adam Arcta il gigante della montagna. Bugie del nostro tempo Medusa Ariete.

Caratteristiche, amore, luna, ascendente, sintonie, psicologia Giunti Demetra Bovio, Manzone Bertone Aritmetica moderna per la scuola media esercizi Lattes Bovio, Manzone Bertone Aritmetica moderna per la scuola media.

Damaso, Doni Armonia e infinito Bellomo Aromatiche. Con aggiornamento online Giunti Ars et labor in memoria del suo direttore Giulio Ricordi 19 dicembre 6 giugno G.

Con gadget Scienza Un dossier dedicato all' Arte romana. Il fenomeno ''arte romana''; Le espressioni artistiche in età arcaica e repubblicana; Una produzione caratteristica: Come tutte le monografie della collana ''Dossier d'art'', una pubblicazione agile, ricca di belle riproduzioni a colori, completa di un utilissimo quadro cronologico e di una ricca bibliografia. FA - Motore Benzina 7 Hp. COM Seguici anche su Facebook: Corso di scienze chimiche, fisiche e naturali per la scuola media Caglioti, Mazzarini, Misiti Mondadori Scienza delle finanze con cenni di statistica economica Ardolfi Nino Tramontana Scienza quiz.

Per la Scuola media. Leggera Castelli, Evangelisti Mondadori Scienza, industria e società. Il mondo dei viventi Flaccavento, Romano Fabbri Scienze. L'uomo Flaccavento, Romano Fabbri Scienze. La materia e i suoi fenomeni Flaccavento, Romano Fabbri Scommetto su di te. Come esprimersi in modo chiaro ed efficace. Le parole per cavarsela sempre Giromini Margherita Del Baldo Scuola di cucina 15 lezioni il pesce come pulirlo filettarlo farcirlo friggerlo e cucinarlo in tanti altri modi Bonomo Giuliana Curcio Scuola di cucina 4 lezioni conoscere il vitello lo spezzatino l'arrosto le scaloppine gli involtini le costolette Bonomo Giuliana Curcio Scuola di religione Giussani Luigi SEI Scuola di religione.

Con nuovi apparati didattici. Caselli Maria Elisa Malipiero Se ci fosse un uomo. Armenia Se lui se n'è andato, perché il suo lurido accappatoio è ancora nel tuo bagno Kuster Elizabeth TEA Se mi vuoi aiutare, lasciami fare! Un semplice volume di test e procedimenti per l'auto-aiuto, basati sulle scoperte contenute in Dianetics Hubbard L.

Ron New Era Semplicemente crostacei. Un gusto delicato per infinite combinazioni Cerveni Stefano Gribaudo Sempre con noi. Per non perdere le tracce dei propri ragazzi tra facebook e social network. Newton Sequestro di persona Van Dine S. Covatta Giobbe Zelig Sesso? L'astrologia del sesso e dei sessi. Un viaggio sentimentale Culicchia Giuseppe Feltrinelli Sicilia.

L'isola del sole Angeli Lanfranco F. La città del palio, le crete, la val d'Orcia, l'Amiata: Guida con pianta della città Santini Loretta Plurigraf Siena. Mondadori Signorina Else letto da Alba Rohrwacher. Carta turistica Azienda provinciale turismo Siracusa Fontane bianche Siracusa. Damasco, Homs, Aleppo la costa mediterranea Palmira e i suoi castelli. Con guida alle informazioni pratiche Touring Sirio. La mia vita, il mio ristorante. Storie di vita, vigne, vini in Italia Slow Food Small techniques, giochi d'aula e attività per l'apprendimento esperienzale Forema Franco Angeli Smaritaaaa!

Impara a superare il dolore emotivo, a liberarti dai pensieri negativi e vivi una vita che vale la pena di vivere Hayes, Smith Franco Angeli Smile! Presidiare la Rete, costruire relazioni e acquisire clienti con gli strumenti del web 2. Tibo, St-Aubin Il castoro Sono un'assassina? Christie Agatha Mondadori Sono un'assassina? Harlequin Mondadori Sotto una cupola stellata.

Pasta e sughi classici delle tradizione italiana Del Baldo Spagna Nord. Prove simulate a tempo Sodano Manuela Simone Sputtana il prof. Longanesi Squali a bordo Konsalik Heinz G. Stufata, pasticciata, al forno, in torta Del Baldo Stai con me. Il privilegio di pregare Pederzini D.

Marzorati Ronchetti 90 anni per il design. Catalogo della mostra Milano, aprile Ovvero, tutto sull'universo Lindstrom Jonathan Scienza Sterminateli!

Dalla riscossa operaia alla lotta armata Spriano Paolo Einaudi Storia del partito comunista italiano 5 I fronti popolari. Dalla riscossa operaia alla lotta armata Spriano Paolo l'Unità Einaudi Storia del partito comunista italiano 6 La fine del fascismo. Togliatti e il partito nuovo.

Mondi materiali e universi simbolici Teti Vito Donzelli Storia dell'età contemporanea dalla restaurazione all'eurocomunismo vol. Loescher Storia dell'uomo Vol. Il Duecento, il Trecento e il Quattrocento: Iniziazione alla magia, danza, simbolismo, alfabeti segreti e rituali per l'amore Fenoglio Maria MEB Strumenti della magia rituale.

Iniziazione alla magia, danza, simbolismo, alfabeti segreti e rituali per l'amore Fenoglio Maria MEB Strumenti e idee.

Corso di educazione tecnica per la scuola media Bortolami, Frattini Marietti Strumenti e idee. Con CD rom Per gi ist. Opere, cantiere, sicurezza Zavanella Vera Zanichelli Studi clinici e sperimentali. Gioielli di perline di carta Wooky Creative Su o giù? Tarascio Pippo Papyrus Tarascio Succhi e frullati. LibrItalia Sui sentieri del Concilio.

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